Thursday, September 28, 2017

Residential solar+storage system in Florida powers through Hurricane Irma

When Hurricane Irma left the northeast coast of Florida in rubble last week as it passed to the north, one homeowner was mighty glad to have solar power with battery storage.

Gloria Eidson of Ormond Beach has owned a solar powered home since 2006 and has been enjoying an $8/month electric bill for the last nine years.

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This year, she decided to have Solar-Fit, a FlaSEIA member contractor based in Daytona Beach, install a Sonnen battery storage system to ensure continuous electricity in the event of an extended power outage.

Her reasoning was simple. She did not want to go through another 10 days without power as she experienced in 2016 as a result of Hurricane Frances.

As it turns out, she made a brilliant decision. Many people in northeast Florida were still without electricity a week after the storm passed. By contrast, Gloria had the only home on her street, and for blocks around, that had uninterrupted power.

To quote Gloria, “I was able to run my mini-split heat pump, lights, fans, my TV, my refrigerator, and my security alarm using my solar and Sonnen battery systems. My solar system recharged the batteries each day and I was able to be comfortable and safe in my home. It was a great decision and I would absolutely recommend this investment to others interested in protecting their home and belongings when the next hurricane heads our way”.

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